All men who should be taking pride in their appearance should be wearing belts. Belts, genuine leather belts preferably, should be worn by men of all sizes, not just well and truly thin men to keep their trousers up. Even truly large men, men who are overweight, should be wearing good belts for appearance’s sake, for good appearance’s sake. And then again, these gentlemen should be doing something serious about losing that extra weight around the traditional area that is the midriff.

But big men come in all sizes, and these men are pretty healthy and strong. They are large and tall. For them, big, really big belt buckles for men, on sale in their gentlemen’s quarterly stores and on sale online, fit the bill. Or should that be; suit the bill? Well, actually, not quite. Men of all sizes who need to dress smartly for the office or the corporate environment need to make sure that they keep their belt size and their belt buckle size to its recommended respectable measurement.

belt buckles for men

When dressing up formally, in jacket and tie, or even smart casually with jacket and slacks or the ever popular chinos, and even a good pair of clean jeans, the belt buckle should ideally be of a rectangular shape. This is for formal occasions. But by Friday night and over the weekend, the men might want to let it all hang out. Not quite. Still keep it all in, but this time you’re allowed to be a little outrageous if that’s your size.

And for casual, rough and tough rollicking occasions, you can clip on a sweet round cowboy buckle. Make it big. And make the leather belt big and thick too.