Can you imagine basketball players trying to race up and down the court in any footwear, but athletic shoes specifically designed for the intense play of fast breaks and lay-ups?

Can you fathom race car drivers wearing anything, but the fireproof safety shoes must sanctioning bodies now mandate they wear?

bull riding boots

Football players and soccer players need cleats. Track stars need running shows. For the stars of rodeo, for cowboys and ladies, it’s bull riding boots.

Not only are bull riding boots part of the look, and part of the myth of the rodeo star. The boots are highly functional, as well. They help the rider walk firmly in the rink. They help them fit securely in the stirrups. They help them make a fast getaway if that bull gets to bucking and gouging.

Casual viewers of rodeos have no idea how precise and specialized a rodeo star’s footwear must be. Folks outside the circle of ranch and rodeo life don’t realize how many products cowboys and ladies need, from their boots to their saddles; from their hats to their chaps. All of these products play a crucial role in the effectiveness and in the safety of our rodeo heroes.

The men and women of the rodeo are brave souls, with the hearts of giants. What they do is risky enough. They don’t need to be ill-equipped. They need to be well-equipped, with the best products. Their skill, their bravery, and their dedication deserve nothing less than the very best of everything they need in the way of accoutrements and supplies.

The next time you watch a rodeo on television, or catch one live in your town, look that cowboy up and down. From his boots to his hat, he’s prepared. He’s ready to be a hero.