First responders need to be on their game for medical emergencies and for sexual assault forensics. When a patient codes, either on the site or at the hospital, it is important to have a good CPR backboard to do the technique correctly. Due to this fact, a company needs to make and sell these products so that first responders can do the job they need.

Crash carts need to be completely stocked. There are no second chances on a code call. You have to have everything needed and that is just the way it is. When it comes to sexual assault, the forensic tests need to be done as soon as possible. This is when forensic swab holders should be available to identify the body location each swab was taken from. This is vital to diagnostics.

In the event that any of the necessary equipment is not available, the first responders will have to rig something to work instead. Though they are trained to do this in crisis situations, it is not preferred and not the way to save lives correctly. Instead, it is important to ensure that all crews are well-equipped in order to carry out all functions correctly.

This is why it is important to have a good supply company to order from. With only seconds to spare, there should be plenty of everything on hand. The odds are already being worked against and really, there never was any time to spare. Life-saving techniques and the tools to accompany them were created for those times when there is no time, it just happens that seconds are allowed.

forensic swab holders

Be sure to keep all crash carts and emergency responders bags completely stocked at all times. Call on the right supply company today to ensure this. Lives will be saved and assailants will be caught.