peacock feathers

Where else would your feathers be coming from then? What other fine creature has such lovely feathers? Good feathers for decorative and fashion purposes, from the ornate and austere to the dashing, daring and simply outrageous, are usually plucked from the majestic torsos of the landlocked ostrich. While numerous bird species around the world need to be preserved like never before, the ostrich industry, you could just say, remains a thriving multi-billion dollar business.

That’s because its busy taking care of another bird species. This species of bird, thankfully, is in no danger of being, well, endangered, because this is a species of bird that while it cannot produce its own feathers is still a bird of a feather. You know what they say; birds of a feather, they flock together. Oh, and that’s another thing, these are the outrageous and never shy party folks who like to wrap themselves up in peacock feathers.

And you know what they say too; proud as a peacock. That’s another curious thing about Mother Nature. Among the human variety of your birds of a feather, it is the female half that is generally of the more gorgeous persuasion. But if they be daring enough, the men can be made to look gorgeous in those beautifully plumed and colored feathers. And the little birds? And the big ones that have managed to survive thus far?

Just take a look at the peacock, or the giant ostrich. It is the male side of the bird family that gorgeous. And if he’s not gorgeous, he’s pretty pretty. And have you heard how he sings too? Well, that’s necessary because it’s still left up to the male bird to woo the female bird over. Birds of a feather indeed.